10 Automotive Jobs That Pay Well

If you are interested in cars and would like to find a job doing something you love, the automotive industry is a great place to look. There are a wide variety of jobs available. Some require extensive school and training, while others are entry-level, and you learn while you do the job. The auto industry is one of the most innovative and exciting industries in which to participate. If you are considering a new career path, consider these automotive jobs that pay well. This guide provides ten jobs that pay well within that industry.

Job #1: Specialized Automotive Repair Shop

One of the automotive jobs that pay well is in a specialized auto repair shop. What sets this type of repair shop apart from a general repair shop is the type of car you are repairing. Specialized shops typically work on high-end luxury cars. When you think of these types of shops, you should think about a Porsche or Mercedes Benz auto repair shop. These cars tend to require special care, and you need specialized training. Often, the manufacturer sets a particular set of standards that you need to follow when working on these cars.

You can expect to perform tasks such as inspecting, maintaining, and repairing gas and hybrid luxury vehicles. Depending on the size of the shop, you may have a full range of repair and maintenance services, or you may specialize in a specific area. These areas could include brakes, transmissions, or air conditioning systems. You will learn and understand the complex systems of luxury cars so you can diagnose and identify issues. You will have to determine how to fix those issues and discuss them with the owners of the cars to maintain a successful business.

Job #2: General Automotive Body Garage

Another one of the automotive jobs that pay well is general auto body repair work. When you are a technician in an auto body garage, you will work on vehicles that have been damaged, typically as a result of an accident. Some of your duties include removing the damaged parts of a car and replacing them. You will buff out scratches, pull out dents, and repaint the exterior. You may need to create an estimate of the repairs and discuss it with the customers to get their approval. You will use a computer system that creates an itemized and detailed bill of the work you will complete.

You will use many different kinds of tools and machinery. They include but are not limited to computerized diagnostics, power tools, lathes, welding torches, pneumatic wrenches, hoists, and jacks. You will still use common tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers. Some of the tools you own may be your own. You will also use tools provided to you by the owner of the shop. As you become an experienced technician, you will grow your personal tool collection. You are responsible for staying on top of changing procedures and regulations.

Job #3: General Auto Parts Dealer

Another one of the automotive jobs that pay well for your consideration is a general auto parts dealer. In this role, you act as a bit of a salesperson. In most cases, you will distribute new and sometimes used auto parts to retail and wholesale customers. You may also determine which is the correct part for the customer by having a conversation and inspecting the car carefully to ensure you get the right one. Of course, you also have to keep reliable and current records of all transactions.

Most likely, you will have a showroom that you must plan and arrange. You want to keep enough inventory to ensure you can make sales without having to order parts. This means knowing which parts sell best and always having them in stock. You may want to keep at least a quantity of one for obscure parts, as long as they aren’t expensive so you can have it. This lets customers know you have everything they need. They will think of checking with you first before going anywhere else.

Job #4: Mobile Automotive Detailing Service

When thinking about automotive jobs that pay well, don’t forget about car detailing. There is a good amount of money to be earned as a mobile auto detailer. Mobile detailing provides all of the professional services a detail has to offer, but you go to the customers instead of them coming to you. During a detail, you are providing a service that cleans, restores, and finishes a vehicle. You are cleaning and polishing it, so it looks showroom-new again. Detailing typically includes the interior and exterior of a car, although customers can choose to have just one done.

People’s lives are increasingly busy and seem to become more so every day. A mobile detail service fits in well with those with crazy lives and frantic schedules. They can have their car detailed while they are working or completing tasks. You focus on providing both quality and value. While washing a car doesn’t seem to be difficult, it does require time and skill. You will find this to be quite lucrative when you provide quality detailing service to customers who will share your name around the community. Reviews mean everything in this type of business.

Job #5: Automotive Window Replacement Service

Another important automotive type job is auto window replacement. Because it is so essential, it falls into the automotive jobs that pay well category. Someone in this position replaces entire windshields or fixes chips. You can also replace the glass in a car door and side mirrors. Some windshield glass today is specialized because it can be heated or have displays present in them. Some glass repair specialists offer mobile services where you go to the vehicle to repair the glass instead of the customer coming to you. Most often, the vehicle was in some type of accident which caused the need for the glass replacement. This is a specialized position that requires training. However, you can be trained on the job for this type of work.

Job #6: Automotive Spray-In Bed Liner Service

This may not seem like one of the automotive jobs that pay well, but spray in bed liner service is a specialized task that is in high demand. Spray-in bed liners provide protection for the bed of any pickup truck. It also can improve the look of the vehicle. Spray-on service is not only for the bed of the truck but also for bumpers, fenders, wheels, wheel wells, tool boxes, undercarriage, roll bars, light bars, boats, and trailers. When a customer chooses a spray-in liner, they are looking for technology that can control corrosion, protect the vehicle, and help it become more durable.

The spray-in liner uses industrial paint that is premium grade and high quality. Specific tools and sprayers are used to apply the liner. There is some training needed to ensure the liner is applied properly. While you can receive training before obtaining a job, you can also learn on the job. While there is a specific technique that must be used, it is quite easy to learn. You can provide a high-quality service that is in high demand, especially in an area where you find a significant volume of pickup trucks without bed liners.

Job #7: Automotive Accident Medical Service

While this is a broad category, auto accident medical service is a critical service to anyone that has been in an auto accident. Unfortunately, there are numerous auto accidents happening on a daily basis, which makes this service one of those automotive jobs that pay well. When someone has been in an auto accident, they should seek medical attention shortly after the accident occurs. Even someone that doesn’t think they are injured should seek medical care. Medical professionals that someone should consider include a chiropractor, physiatrist, physician assistant, or holistic medical specialist.

Medical service after an auto accident is intended to assist in recovery from an accident. This assistance can include but is not limited to increasing mobility, reducing medication, reducing the need for surgery, and assessing for additional injuries. Often there is a large amount of inflammation after an injury. Chiropractors, massage therapists, and other professionals can help decrease inflammation. This helps to improve mobility and reduce pain and discomfort. What is most important is that there is proper documentation for all injuries and medical concerns as a result of an accident. Some injuries take days, even weeks, to appear, and early documentation matters in these cases when it comes to your compensation.

Job #8: Automotive Insurance Agent

Another one of the automotive jobs that pay well is an auto insurance agent. Any person that drives a vehicle should have auto insurance, which means they interact with an agent. Smart consumers have frequent conversations with their agents as their needs change. It is a good idea to assess your auto insurance annually to ensure you have the coverage you need. As an auto insurance agent, you interact with clients and potential customers to discuss the policies and coverage your insurance company offers. During these conversations, you understand the needs of the customer and offer them the coverage that meets their needs. Most customers are looking for the best price, so it is essential that you offer affordable rates.

In addition, you need to create plans that are customized to each person. You must keep quality and current records and manage the current policies under your purview. You will also prepare new quotes for customers while keeping in mind you are attempting to provide better coverage for a lower rate than what they have right now. You must always be available to answer customer’s questions.

Job #9: Automotive Paint Shop

When looking for automotive jobs that pay well, you want to be sure to include an auto paint shop on the list of potential jobs. When you are an auto paint technician, you can work at an auto body shop, independently, or for a car manufacturer. You are responsible for painting the exteriors of cars and touching up paint after a repair. During this job, you will use special paint tools, which include a sprayer. You will have to have knowledge of which vehicles need special paint or additional coats of paint.

There are some qualifications needed to be an automotive paint technician, including a high school diploma or GED. There is a certification you can receive from a vocational school that can improve your chances of getting a job. You can also gain knowledge, skills, and experience on the job. You will need to have basic auto repair and technical knowledge to help you in this position, but you can also land this type of job without experience.

Job #10: Automotive Plastic Component Manufacturer

While this may be a job that you haven’t considered or potentially don’t know anything about, manufacturing automotive plastic components is one of those automotive jobs that pay well. Injection molding plastic is a common process used in the automotive industry. This industry has a need for consistent, quality, and safe products. Injection molding is an ideal way to achieve that result. In this position, you would mold, cast, and assemble the plastic components used on vehicles.

You may also position, align, and secure mold, machine accessories, and mold components on a press bed machine. You may attach connecting lines and monitor them while it produces the parts. Once production is finished, you remove the pieces from the machine and assemble them as needed. This is a job working on a line. You may need to read the blueprints and follow the instructions included. You have to follow all safety protocols and wear appropriate safety gear. You may also have to determine which materials, equipment, and methods are appropriate for the job.

This guide provides you with ten jobs to consider in the automotive industry. If you have a love for cars, any one of these jobs allows you to pursue your passion while getting paid. Many of these positions are just a starting point, as there are many options available to you once you gain experience and knowledge.

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