Salvage cars You Can Rebuild On a Budget

In most cases, when a car is in a crash, it gets towed and is never heard of or spoken about again. That is unless you are like Budget Build. Budget Build is a group that finds repairable salvage Jeeps for sale and other vehicles like it and repairs them at the lowest possible cost to ensure the highest possible return. Here they are at IAE, looking at a variety of vehicles that have been taken to salvage after a crash.

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They are showing their audience what to look for if you want to get into the salvage and resell business.

Key things that Budget Build is looking for are engine issues, body issues, and the status of the vehicle’s airbag. Airbag repair and replacement is a factor that will drive up the salvage and repair costs for those that want to resell crashed vehicles. Some of the cars they look at here still have clean engines that start, despite needed bodywork or an airbag solution. For salvage that goes to repair to resell, Budget Build looks at every corner of the car, and even the scent of the interior when assessing their own budget for resale value. Dented bumpers can be hammered out and repainted, dirty cars can be detailed, and engine components can be replaced to repair for less than $10 thousand, and ultimately sold for more.


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