How to Load a Roll Off Dumpster

Loading a roll off dumpster onto a trailer and transporting it may seem like a tall task. A number of tips and basic knowledge about towing and loading will be important to have before trying to load a roll off dumpster. Let’s demystify the process and go over a couple of key things to know when loading a roll-off dumpster.

First, four-by-fours are generally not recommended when loading a roll-off dumpster. This is because they do not allow an optimal amount of control for the driver, and it’s ideal that a handler can guide it and pull it on its wheels onto the trailer rather than having to manually align it perfectly.

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A winch cable is going to be used in your next steps, and you may find it helpful to have a remote control to operate the winch for a smoother process. When the lifting process begins, you want to make sure that the rails are close enough to the ground so that the wheels do not resist lifting.

Those were just a couple of basic tips for loading a roll-off dumpster. For a more comprehensive step-by-step, consult the video we have linked above.


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