How Are Vehicle Safety Ratings Tested?

There are car repair shops all over the United States. Why is this? This is because car crashes are prevalent. Thankfully, most are not deadly.

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However, they can cause serious damage to your vehicle and your wallet. You may be familiar with vehicle safety ratings. However, how are they tested? In this video, you will learn how safety ratings are determined.

The first thing to know is that safety ratings come from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are the one’s in charge of safety ratings. Tests involve crash dummies being put through simulated crashes from different angles. For example, there is a head on crash, a rollover, and side crashes. For each type of crash, the force applied to the head, abdomen, and things are measured. This is how damage to those inside the vehicle is measured. Many tests are completed to get an accurate number. All the data is compiled into a singular number at the very end. This is the safety rating that you are used to seeing. It ranges from one to five stars, with five stars being the safest.


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