How to Store a Golf Cart the Right Way

If you have a golf cart, you should know the correct way to store it. Improper storage of golf carts can result in battery drainage or damage. Keep reading to learn how to store a golf cart the right way.

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Most new golf carts have a switch under the seat that has a feature to turn it off. You’ve probably seen this before because it is the same switch h to turn it on. One side of the switch is for “run” and the other should say “tow, storage, and maintenance” If you are just a weekend gold cart user, flipping the switch is all you need to do to store your golfcart throughout the week which prevents the batteries from draining.

If you are storing your golf cart long-term, like for the winter, there are a couple of extra steps you want to do. First, you’ll want to charge the battery up completely so it doesn’t sit half-empty all winter. Next, you’ll flip the switch just like for weekend storage. But lastly, you need to remove the cables from the main positive and main negative locations on the battery pack for long-term storage.

To learn more, watch the video above!


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