Everything You Need to Know About a Labyrinth Ring Seal

If you are in the manufacturing business, you probably have a basic understanding of labyrinth ring seals. After all, labyrinth ring seals contributed to the total output from manufacturing being $2,345.85 billion in 2019 according to the National Association of Manufactuerers.

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Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about a labyrinth ring seal.

Labyrinth seals don’t look like much. They are small and may appear insignificant, but many of the machines at your plant or facility couldn’t operate without them. This is similar to how carbon bush bearings or carbon bearing bushes, carbon ring shaft seals, and segmented carbon ring seals appear insignificant but are extremely important.

Let’s start with what a labyrinth ring seal is. A labyrinth ring seal is a device that must perform at least one of two functions, keep contaminates out of a machine, keep fluids or gasses in the machine, or both. In some applications, a seal may be required only to seal out dirt or moisture, but the primary use of most seals is to contain fluids or gasses inside a machine.

It is important that the person who maintains the machines has knowledge of these seals, their uses, and how to remove and install them. This could be you are the facility or plant owner, a production manager, or employees.

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