The Pros and Cons of Truck Tinting

This video highlights the benefits of tinting and the types of film to use. Truck tint and car tint are almost equally popular.

Reasons for tinting:
1. Privacy, security
2. Aesthetics
3. Blocking UV rays
4. Blocking infra-red
5. Glare reduction
6. Safety – from the shards of glass as the film holds the pieces together

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Reduces fading

Types of window films:
VLT – visible light transmitted shows the amount of light that is let through. Total Solar Energy Reduced is a combination of blocking UV rays, infra-red, and VLT. The higher the TSER, the more the protection.

Dyed films have a dyed film layer, a scratch-resistant layer, and an adhesive layer. It gives about a 22% reduction in infrared heat.

Ceramic films have an additional layer to reduce infrared by 80%.

Metalized tints have more infrared resistance, but they cause signal interference.

Steps for installing film:
1. Computerized processes cuts the film into shape according to the car model.
2. Window is thoroughly cleaned
3. The film is placed on the outside first to conform to the window’s shape.
4. Stick the film on the inside.

All films carry a warranty. Ceramic films have a one-time no-fault warranty.
The more expensive the film, the better the protection levels.

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