DIY Garage Door Services Do You Know What Youre Doing?

Your garage door is your first line of defense from burglary and theft, that’s why keeping it functioning at its optimal level is proven beneficial for your safety and protection at home. Here is some routine maintenance you can do at home.

Things you’ll need:
• Socket Wrench
• Lubricant

Two Primary Objectives for doing garage door maintenance:

1. Like most garage door services, one of the most important things is to lubricate all moving parts.
2. Ensure that all parts are functioning the way they should be.

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Routine Maintenance:

1. The first thing you want to do is release the door garage from the door opener, and make sure all the hinges are tight. You don’t have to bulge every single one of them, you just have to ensure that each one of them is nice and tight. Once you’ve gone through every one of them, try lubricating them using multipurpose lubricant. Open the garage door a few times to ensure the lubricants goes through every moving part.

2. Once you’ve applied lubricants to various moving parts, the next thing is the spring. When rollers are having a hard time rolling, it might be the best time to replace them with new ones. One of the best types of rollers most garage door services prefer is the sealed bearing rollers, the instruction is pretty straightforward and you can do it by yourself.


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