Repairing the Brakes of a Car

Sometimes it becomes necessary to bring your car into an auto repair shop in order to get some issues with it fixed. Even with the best maintenance, sometimes components just break down due to the constantly moving parts creating friction. When this happens, an auto mechanic will be able to figure out what the problem is and get it fixed.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn about the brakes, pads, and rotors of a Nissan Maxima car as an auto mechanic makes repairs to it.

The mechanic will give you a breakdown of what he sees as he examines the car parts and explains what will need to be done about it. For example, he is able to notice that one part of the brakes is new because it is not rusted like the others. Once he is done explaining, he will then get to work, and you will get to watch each step of his process, from removing the parts to fixing them to installing them back into place. The mechanic uses a specific set of tools to do this and his experience in the industry helps him to know what to do.


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