Used Cars Beat Out New Cars?

Auto repairs are a major factor for every car. However, some cars are more reliable than others. You may have some idea what cars are reliable based on their brand’s reputation.

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For example, Toyota’s tend to be safe and long-lasting. Generally, the best reliability test is consumer review sites several years after the car has been released. This means that it has had some time to cumulative accumulate miles across many drivers. If there were going to be issues, theoretically they should have been discovered by now. There are always outliers, but this is generally the case.

This is the advantage of used cars, they have been on the market for a while and you know what you are getting. On the other hand, new cars have not been out long enough to be thoroughly tested by drivers on the road. Recalls and unforeseen malfunctions could occur. The car itself may just not be that reliable. You don’t know what you are getting when buying a new vehicle. Therefore, just from a reliability standpoint, a used vehicle beats out new vehicles. Not to mention, they can be significantly cheaper with little miles.


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