Best Hand Control Mechanisms for Cars

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Hand control for cars offers paraplegic and other disabled individuals a great option to increase independence. This article will outline 5 of the best hand control systems available.

Freedom Staff 2.0

The Freedom Staff 2.0 is an upgraded version that offers a steering wheel knob for 1-hand steering, adjustability to fit almost any vehicle, and aluminum and stainless steel metals to keep it lightweight and durable.

Quicstick Hand Controls

The Quicstick hand control system includes left-/right-hand driving and braking functions. It comes preassembled and is adjustable to fit any driver and vehicle. It’s made of aluminum construction and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Portable Handicap Driving Hand Controls

These hand controls have push-to-brake, thumb-to-control functions. There are no tools needed to install or adjust, and you can use your left or right hand to operate.

Sago Portable Disabled Driving

The Sago system has push-to-brake, thumb-to-gas controls with a bracing strap included. Again, there are no tools needed to install or adjust and you can set it up for left- or right-handed use.

Canalhout Driving Controls

This system is designed so that you can operate it with one hand. It comes pre-assembled, and you can install the brake/accelerator devices together or separately. It is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel for a light weight and durability.

To learn more about these 5 options, click on the video above.



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