Process for Collision Repair from Start to Finish

When you bring your car in for collision repair, you should know the basics about what your repair dealer does while checking over your vehicle. Oftentimes, your car is involved in a pre-scan when entering the garage, which looks at computer codes for issues and also checks the wheel alignment. If there is a dent in your bumper, it is possible that something internal could be compromised as well, and your collision repair servicer will likely check for that.

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If your vehicle requires a wheel alignment, they will take it to that part of the shop and check the suspension as well. Once your car blueprints are uploaded to a computer, your supplement will be written to determine what is over and above the original damage estimate. Your collision repair servicer should have a large inventory of parts for many different kinds of issues that can arise. They will likely determine whether your car is a heavy or light body, regarding how much collision repair is assessed. Whatever parts are necessary will likely be on hand if the repair shop is invested in providing quality work promptly.


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