What You Didnt Know About Your Car Windshield

It’s incredible how a car window can roll up and down with the push of a button while making it extremely difficult to use your hand. The mechanics around it are both intricate and rewarding. A brief YouTube video titled “The fascinating engineering behind your car window!” demonstrates how this hidden engineering technique works.

The video shows that a simple crank and gear arrangement facilitates the easy up-and-down motion. The window is raised or lowered as it rotates.

Video Source

A crank and gear arrangement has been repurposed into a scissor mechanism for ease of use.

Additionally, a pivot spring has been used to support the scissor mechanism, preventing the window from falling directly down during the roll down. Car windshields are equipped with a worm gear arrangement to avoid theft issues associated with manually operating the windows.

By mounting a DC motor to a manual window, you can convert it to a power window. Significant friction concerns associated with excessive contact have been alleviated in modern windows by replacing sliding metals with ropes. However, you should consult a glass specialist to replace or install a car windshield or windows.


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