Are Apple AirTags Really Helping Criminals Break Into Your Car?

It may seem absurd that an Apple product could allow criminals to break into your car. Apple products are known for being some of the most secure on the planet. You often see them advertise their top-notch privacy on their commercials. However, this would not be the first time. Criminals have long been hacking Apple phones to do nefarious things as well.

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However, this takes the cake. In this video, you will learn how Apple AirTags are being used by criminals and what you can do to stop them. Next thing they know, they will need to contact some bail bond companies to stay out of jail.

Apple AirTags are a novel product that allows the user to track their belongings so that they don’t get lost. Unfortunately criminals quickly caught on that they can use these devices to track potential targets for theft. Specifically, they look for expensive-looking cars. They then secretly slip the AirTag onto the car. Common places for a hidden AirTag are behind the license plate or under the car on a metal surface. They use these trackers to track down the car later in order to break in at a more opportune time. Fortunately, there is something that you can do. Both Apple and Android phones have apps that can tell you if you are being tracked.


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