3 Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Do you own a business? Do you have fire systems in place to protect your employees? If not, you should learn about these three different types of fire suppression systems. Then, you can make the right choice for your business!

The first and most widely known fire suppression system is sprinklers. These spray water when enough smoke comes into contact with them. These are a great option for a company that does a lot of hot work.

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Another type of fire suppression is a fire extinguisher. These are good for residential applications, but can also be good on a manufacturing floor. They are beneficial for people who don’t want the entire floor to be wet from sprinklers.

The third type is a fire suppression system that does not use water or extinguishing fluid. Instead, a heat-lowering agent is sprayed and distributed from the canister. This is great for data storage companies, as it will keep electronics safe and secure.

Watch the video in this article for more information about these systems. Your business needs to be protected to be productive! Then, call a fire safety company today to learn more about how you can benefit from these systems.

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