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    Whats the Difference Between Genuine and OEM Mercedes Parts?

    If you own a Mercedes Benz, you’ve invested in a true luxury vehicle. But as with most luxury vehicles, Mercedes cars require a certain level of care when it comes to replacing parts or performing maintenance. Here, we’ll review a few key differences between genuine Mercedes parts and OEM parts. One of the key differences you need to know about when it comes to genuine Mercedes parts and OEM parts is performance. Mercedes is a high-performance luxury brand of vehicle. Video Source The benefit of using genuine parts when you need repairs or need something replaced is that they perform much better than their OEM counterparts. No matter how you…

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    Oil, Brakes and Engines, Oh My! How to Take Care of Your Car

    Taking care of your car is an important task. Not only does your car keep it working properly, but it can also keep you safe on the road and prevent expensive repairs or breakdowns for your auto body. Here are ways to take care of your car: Change the Oil at Recommended Intervals A car can last a long time if the owner regularly takes good care of it. The cheapest thing to do to maintain your vehicle is by changing the oil at recommended intervals. The first step in changing the oil is to park your car on a level surface and engage the emergency brake. Then, using an…

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    Prevent Forklift Repairs By Replacing These Parts

    Just like the automobiles forklift technicians drive on the way to work, forklifts contain wear parts that must be replaced periodically. In fact, gas-powered forklifts are kind of like specialized automobiles that require similar maintenance. The video on this page can help you determine which parts you need to replace periodically to make sure you avoid frequent forklift repairs. Most of them are wear parts, meaning they aren’t designed to last forever. Video Source Although it would be ideal for all parts to last indefinitely in an engine, some parts need to be made out of flexible materials. Rubber hoses and seals are designed to keep fluids contained, but unfortunately,…

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    Do I Need an Oil Change? 5 Car Maintenance Tips

    Car preventive maintenance tips are crucial to everyone who owns a car. It is beneficial to practice good habits when it comes to using your car. Do not also forget to get car insurance. This is key as an insurance policy will help you in the scenario of an accident. You should also include crucial aspects like looking for the best car wash services to ensure your vehicle is clean and ready for use. Below are five car preventative maintenance tips that every car owner should look out for: 1. Keep Track of Repairs Although taking your car in for periodic checkups is convenient, there are definite downsides to letting…