Whats the Difference Between Genuine and OEM Mercedes Parts?

If you own a Mercedes Benz, you’ve invested in a true luxury vehicle. But as with most luxury vehicles, Mercedes cars require a certain level of care when it comes to replacing parts or performing maintenance. Here, we’ll review a few key differences between genuine Mercedes parts and OEM parts.

One of the key differences you need to know about when it comes to genuine Mercedes parts and OEM parts is performance. Mercedes is a high-performance luxury brand of vehicle.

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The benefit of using genuine parts when you need repairs or need something replaced is that they perform much better than their OEM counterparts. No matter how you use your Mercedes, it’s important that peak performance is kept in mind when you’re shopping for replacements parts for your Mercedes.

Another important difference is longevity. A genuine Mercedes part will perform better for a longer period of time than an OEM part will. So unless you want to take your Mercedes to the shop for repairs more often than is necessary, it’s important to consider the merits of genuine Mercedes parts for your vehicle.


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