Prevent Forklift Repairs By Replacing These Parts

Just like the automobiles forklift technicians drive on the way to work, forklifts contain wear parts that must be replaced periodically. In fact, gas-powered forklifts are kind of like specialized automobiles that require similar maintenance.

The video on this page can help you determine which parts you need to replace periodically to make sure you avoid frequent forklift repairs. Most of them are wear parts, meaning they aren’t designed to last forever.

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Although it would be ideal for all parts to last indefinitely in an engine, some parts need to be made out of flexible materials. Rubber hoses and seals are designed to keep fluids contained, but unfortunately, they can degrade relatively quickly when exposed to oil over long periods of time.

To make sure your forklift fleet is in peak condition at all times, it’s best to follow the owner’s manual recommendations for replacing wear parts like hoses, gaskets, and seals. There should be time intervals listed for replacing those parts. Regular inspections can also help you determine whether or not an oil leak is causing rubber parts to degrade faster than typical. Oil leaks can also lead to other costly forklift repairs.

You depend on your forklifts to keep your business running, so don’t let them fall into disrepair.

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