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When to Rent a Fine Limo

There are many ways to get around on the ground, from taxis to buses to trains. One of the more stylish and luxurious ways to get around, meanwhile, is limo service rentals. Finding limo service rentals in one’s area can be done for going to a high-profile event, often in the evening. Limousine rental (or ownership) is common among celebrities going to awards dinners or other events, and limo rental is also popular among everyday Americans. High school prom, for example, is often associated with a limo service rental, and teenagers today may have a lot of fun taking a limo to their high school prom. Other times, adults may look to local limo service rentals for a wedding or a charity dinner or ball. Even though limo service rentals can be a lot of fun, a person can and should still be smart about how they hire a limo for themselves and friends. When a small group of friends or family members is taking a limo to prom night or a wedding, what should be kept in mind? And just for fun, one may take note on some of the fanciest limos out there today.

Great Limos Around the World

Limo service rentals are common among everyday Americans, but limo ownership is common for wealthy individuals such as celebrities or even royalty in foreign nations. Some limousines today stretch the limit of how large or fast these vehicles may be, or what features may be found inside. The most expensive limousine in operation today is one owned by the sultan of Brunei, and it is worth $14 million. Not the least because it is plated in 24 karat gold. One of the most famous limos in operation today is known as Midnight Rider. This machine is 70 feet long, weighs 25 tons, and has an impressive 460 square feet of space inside. This limo currently stands as the Guinness World Records owner of “heaviest limousine.” Finally, another distinctive limo today is one built by the company KAZ. This limo has six wheels rather than four, and it is powered by six different engines. It was not easy to build; this limo took five years and 4 million to create. And even though everyday limos for attending prom or a wedding aren’t quite like those limos, limousine rental can be a lot of fun for everyday Americans. What might someone expect when looking for limo service rentals near them?

Renting a Limo

The limo rental industry is more widespread, and more affordable, than some people may think. Even though limos are associated with the wealthy and powerful, limo rental is usually no more complex or difficult than renting any other vehicle. Today, around 130,000 limousines are in service across the United States, and they tend to belong to many different small limo rental companies. Most limo rental companies today have fewer than five vehicles in their fleet, and often, these limos are used during the week for business and corporate customers. For other occasions, limo drivers are ready and willing to drive other patrons around, such as high school students to their prom. Other times, a bride and groom may rent a limo to go to their wedding on the big day.

How can someone rent a limo? The customer can start with an Internet search to find limo rental companies in their area, and evaluate each one for availability of their cars. A customer may also look over the limo in person before renting it, and this may involve visiting the company’s premises to check out their vehicles. The customer can check for anything undesirable such as food or drink stains, or loose door handles or damaged upholstery on the seats. The potential customers can also check the driver’s credentials and work history, and of course, the interested party must find out how many people the limo can seat at once. A too-big limo is a waste of money with empty seats, and of course a too-small limo won’t have room for everyone. Once the right limo is found, the interested party can book the limo’s use for a certain day and hours, and wait for it to arrive to pick them up.

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