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Protected Armored Vehicles Can Help You

There can be many threats to individuals in the United States and around the world. More specifically, if you have an important title and role in countries, you’ll need protection. Individuals such as every president, and The Pope need protection from threats. These threats typically come from others who do not want them alive. Therefore, every time the president, The Pope, or someone of significant stature steps out in public, something needs to shield them. This is where armored vehicles help. For many years, armored vehicles have been protecting many presidents and The Pope. In fact, an armored cadillac limo referred to as “The Beast,” protected President Obama during his travels, and it now protects President Trump. Additionally, The Pope has been traveling in an armored car since Pope John Paul II suffered an assassination attempt. It’s important to note that armored vehicles can be used to protect valuable items, and are used by police departments and in war. However, each use is for protection, and protection only. Here’s all you need to know about armored vehicles and how they protect you.

Types Of Armored Vehicles And The Purpose

There are many types of armored vehicles you can choose from if you are transporting valuable goods, you need protection from a threat, or are in the police force or military. To begin, an armored van and an armored SUV are typically used for transporting valuables. This valuables can include, but aren’t limited to, large quantities of money (typically for banks and retail companies). So, armored vehicles assist the financial industry. Essentially, these vehicles protect the money of customers at banks. This has many benefits. Armored vans give the bank more time to work with customers, and it gives customers peace of mind because they know their money is going to be safe.

Armored vehicles, such as a 4 door armored car, can be used for the education industry. These vehicles protect the transportation of money the school earns by fundraisers and cafeteria earnings. Additionally, colleges and universities use armored vehicles. Many universities have a bank located on their campus. This means that they’ll need armored vehicles to handle the large amounts of money, and protect them. Schools do not need to worry about their money because armored vehicles successfully handle all of it!

The jewelry industry benefits from armored vehicles just like the financial and education industries. Well-known jewelers such as Jared, Kay, and Tiffany Co use armored vehicles to transport jewelry to their store in a safe manner. All jewelers want their creations to arrive in excellent condition. Armored vehicles make sure the expensive metals, stones, and creations arrive safely to the person who requested it. Jewelers trust armored vehicles.

An armored BMW, an armored sedan, and an armored Mercedes exist for civilian use. As previously mentioned, important people need protection from threats. These individuals include presidents and The Pope. In armored vehicles valuable people and dignitaries have a decreased risk of someone attempting to assassinate them. It is like they are traveling in a large shield.

SWAT Vehicles

SWAT vehicles are another type of armored vehicle. These vehicles are used by police departments to transport heavily armed Special Weapons and Tactics and team members. SWAT vehicles can also be used to transport equipment, such as tactical equipment and breaching tools. Most importantly, SWAT vehicles protect police members when they are in a situation where confrontation is likely.

Qualities Of Armored Vehicles

There are many types of armored vehicles and they each have many benefits. But, what are the qualities of an armored vehicle? First, armored cars have an armored shell and cab, and typically are customized on a basic van or truck. This is so robbery and hijacking are next to impossible. Additionally, all armored vehicles have bullet-proof glass. In actuality, the entire vehicle is bulletproof, so the individuals or valuables inside of it are not injured, killed, or damaged.

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