What Is Torque?

This article is a comprehensive guide to understanding what torque is with the help of worked examples. Torque is the measurement of the force that propels something into rotation around a point. Consider a seized-up nut and a wrench.

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It would be difficult to get the nut loose with a shorter wrench. This process will be much simpler if you use a long wrench.

This is due to the torque of the object. For example, using the formula for torque, we calculate that 0.3 meters times 90 newtons is 27-newton meters of torque. This is if a 30 cm wrench is used and 90 newtons of force are applied. The result would be 0.6 meters x 90 N = 54 N.m if you applied the same 90 newtons of power to a wrench that was 60 centimeters long.

We can see that utilizing the longer wrench results in more force acting on the nut, according to this straightforward formula. We can alter the speed and torque by varying the size. A high gear gives high speed by low torque, while a low gear gives low speed but tremendous torque.

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