How Auto Body Shops Repair Dents

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Auto body shops specialize in repairing and upgrading the frame, fenders, and body of vehicles. They are often used by drivers after accidents that leave the car with dents and damage. The specialized equipment at the auto shop allows technicians to repair the frame and remove dents. This video explains how.

One of the largest machines auto body repair mechanics use is a frame machine. When there is significant damage to the frame, you may think that your car is totaled. However, the powerful frame machine can pull the car’s frame back into place. It uses a system of chains and clamps to pull on the metal frame and a special measuring instrument to show the technician how close they are to fixing the car.

There is also a flatliner that is used for smaller dents. The mechanic will use a bright light to identify the shape of dents in the body of the car and mark it with a high-vis pen. Then the mechanic puts in pulling keys and uses a special bridge to get the dent out as much as possible.

There will still be marks, however, which is where the Bondo process comes into play. It’s a specialized filler that can be sanded smooth. Then the dent is painted over and the car looks good as new.

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