What is the CPL?

If you aren’t part of the dedicated community of helicopter and airplane lovers around the United States, then you probably have never heard of a CPL. CPL stands for commercial pilot license, or the license required for you to begin getting paid for flying. If you have a PPL, or a private pilot’s license, you cannot charge people for flying them, as you are considered a personal flyer. To advance from the PPL to the CPL, there are several different things you need to do. This video takes us through the ins and outs of getting your commercial pilot’s licence.

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The first thing you should be conscious about is any issues with your helicopter. Do a regular check-up on your engine and replace any commercial helicopter parts that are less that will reflect less than favorably on you in the grounding exams. From there, you will need to pass a few flight and grounding tests to be awarded your CPL. You will do several ground studies where you will need to pass a test after the session. Since these are much more rigorous than the PPL tests, you will need to pass within 4 attempts at a CPL.


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