How Not to Drive a Manuel Vehicle

Manuel cars are a little bit more difficult to drive than their automatic counterparts. However, there are still plenty of manuals in circulation. If you happen to drive a manual, there are several things that you should never do. If your transmission is already broke, you will need to call a place that does transmission rebuilds.

The first thing to avoid is resting your foot on the clutch. Even if you aren’t applying pressure, the clutch pedal is forced down which causes the clutch friction discs to slip.

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This creates heat that will wear out the clutch over time. It also reduces fuel efficiency.

The next tip is to never park your car in neutral on a hill. Instead, put it in first or reverse while also applying the parking brake. This way, even if the parking brake fails, the car should not roll downhill.

Lastly, never coast in neutral. This actually does not save you fuel because most modern cars already do this when going down hill. This is actually very dangerous because it makes it harder to control the vehicle when going downhill. Further, it cuts off the oil supply from the engine which can lead to engine damage. The engine may even overheat and die.


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