Tips for Annual RV and Trailer Repairs and Maintenance

According to this video, campers require routine maintenance to keep them safe and dry for occupants. Mark, a “Walnut Ridge” service advisor, explains the 3 basic trailer repairs needed yearly to achieve this goal.

First, the wheel bearings are removed after taking the tires off the camper.

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This safety feature prevents problems with the camper’s tires. Once removed and inspected the old grease is removed, then replaced with high-performance grease for the bearings. Then, the tires are remounted on the camper.

Next, the camper roof is inspected for voids. If a leak is found, a fox sealant is used to seal the voids. The sides of the camper are also inspected. This treatment of replacing sealant over a void keeps the camper dry inside from rain and moisture.

The third is much the same but in this step, the slide-outs are checked for tears and issues. Every three months, slide-outs benefit from a condition check because when in use camping they are susceptible to sun damage to the rubber components.

These three basic steps are important trailer repairs for camper owners to remain safe in this home away from home.

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