Is a Reefer Trailer Rental Right for You?

Does your business depend on a high volume of temperature-sensitive goods being delivered in a safe and consistent way? Many products will spoil if shipped without care, such as foodstuffs or frozen items. If so, a reefer trailer rental might be the right fit for you. A refrigerated trailer, also known as a reefer trailer, is a reliable way to ensure that products will be transported in a climate-controlled environment and in a timely manner.

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A reefer trailer has the ability to keep its contents at a nearly consistent temperature throughout transport with a refrigeration unit and control panel at its front. There will also be a fuel gauge and fill port on the driver’s side of the trailer. This fuel gauge should be checked regularly for accurate readings.

Most reefers will also have two modes of operation. A continuous mode will most likely be the best fit for frozen items or sensitive products such as produce. A cycle mode will turn the cooling system on or off based on a temperature set by the user. While individual trailers will vary from model to model, most should have settings that can be altered with the control panel to ensure safe delivery of all cargo.

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