The Most Common Diesel Engine Problems

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Diesel engines, like any other type of engine, need a good amount of maintenance and care to avoid big problems. There are common engine issues that diesel drivers run into and should be aware of. This video explains some of the top diesel problems and the symptoms of each.

The first problem is diesel runaway. Diesel runaway causes the engine to rev extremely high and an inability to turn off the engine. The engine is running out of control and they aren’t meant to run at a high RPM. Oftentimes it may be due to a fluid leak or a mechanical failure that will require diesel repair.

Engine lubrication is the second issue. This isn’t an engine problem – it’s a driver problem. Diesel drivers need to check their engine manual and figure out what type of engine oil their specific engine needs. If your vehicle has a hard time starting, this may indicate poor engine lubrication.

Glow plugs are another item that can wear out relatively quick. These plugs heat up the air for the combustion to occur. If it’s super cold outdoors, it may prevent the engine from starting.

For more information, check out the video above.

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