5 Important Things You Will Learn on Your First Driving Lesson

We could all do better to recall the teachings of our first driving instructions. Driving class is an essential part of safe road travel, especially for those first starting out. Teenagers looking for individuality and freedom to hang out with friends should exercise caution, attention, and focus as priorities on the road.

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No matter how many people are in the vehicle with them, distractions should be kept to a minimum.

Here are three invaluable lessons to remember from driving class:

1. Turn signals are not just for your benefit. They are also for that of the drivers around you. When other people can see that your intention is to turn or change lanes, they will be less likely to pass you on either side. If that information is not communicated, the risk of collision is greater.

2. Mirrors have blindspots. The area of your car near most gas caps is traditionally a blind spot for many vehicles. This is why there are three steps to making a turn or changing a lane: turn signal, check the mirror, then look over your should to eliminate any blind spots.

3. Keep your heel positioned in front of the brake. There will rarely be an opportunity to speed up in danger in a vehicle. Most accidents’ damage are lessened by people braking at the last minute. Speeding up only worsens the damage, so keep your foot grounded by the brake rather than the gas pedal.

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