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How to Choose an Electric Fuel Pump

There are so many reasons why people would prefer an electric fuel pump that is in most cases located near or inside the fuel tank. Generally, there are two major types of electric fuel pump. There is what is referred to as an inline fuel pump that has an inline fuel filter connected to the battery and the fuel line. The other type of an electric fuel pump is the in-tank pump which is located inside the fuel pump. The main purpose of this pump is to generate pressure that eventually pushes gas into the engine thereby firing up the vehicle. It is extremely important that you choose the right fuel pump for your vehicle in order to avoid the cost of a replacement fuel pump. Whereas replacement fuel pumps are a little less expensive than new fuel pumps, imagine having to fix your fuel pump twice simply because you used the wrong fuel pump for your vehicle. Below are some tips on how to choose the correct fuel pump.

Determine the Engine Power
The first determinant of hat fuel pump you should use for your vehicle is the full engine power of your vehicle. The engine power determines how much fuel is required by your vehicle. Any mismatch between the engine power and the fuel pump can lead to under-performance of the vehicle. For example, you can’t use a fuel pump with a snowmobile fuel filter to power your vehicle. Apart from the snowmobile fuel filter that would definitely not work effectively with let’s say a jet ski pump or a motorcycle fuel pump. The important thing to understand is that every fuel power should match the engine power. If you get a small fuel pump can easily blow the motor of the vehicle and lead to poor performance. If the motor of your vehicle blows up because you had a small pump and you decide to seek fuel pump repair, don’t automatically assume that buying a big fuel pump is the automatic solution to the problem. Having a bigger fuel pump for a vehicle with less engine power will see the engine draw in more fuel than it can consume. This will significantly increase your fuel cost as well as cause additional problems such as engine surging.

Consider the Engine’s Fuel Efficiency and Pump Voltage
These two concepts work hand in hand. In most cases, you will find that each fuel pump uses specific fuel filters and should be used for the type of engine power it is designed for. For example, a snowmobile fuel pump has a snowmobile fuel filter that can only be used in snowmobiles. If you happen to use a snowmobile fuel filter in a different fuel pump such as a fuel pump for motorcycles, there will be a lot of stalling and other common issues as the amount of fuel passing through the filter is not reflective of the fuel pump in use. When trying to establish the fuel efficiency of the engine, the scientific concept in use is that as fuel system pressure increases, the volume of the pump decreases. This means that you should be able to know the maximum pressure that the fuel system of your vehicle as this will assist you in matching the flow volume and the pressure of your electric fuel pump.

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