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6 Tips to Keep Your ATV in Tip Top Shape

When the weather is nice, few things are as fun as going out on an ATV. If there are ATV dealers in your area, this is a great way to take a look at different models of ATV. You can do a two-person ATV comparison there or find a website that compares a few of them. You may be interested in a two-person quad bike that is easily maneuvered through the terrain and other surfaces. You may be looking for an ATV that is good on rough terrain, and that may be a two-seat off-road vehicle that you want to find and enjoy.

You may also be interested in trying a two-seater four-wheeler ATV for its stability and durability in rugged terrain. Getting to go out with an ATV turns any day into a special day. It can be a fun way to pass a nice day, and it can get you to spend much more time outdoors. When you’re out on an ATV, there is nothing quite like it. When you have someone to share the ATV with, it’s always more fun to get out and to find some adventure in the outdoors.

People in the United States love their all-terrain vehicles (ATV). The demand for these vehicles reached 180,000 units in 2016. If you have one or are planning to buy one, you probably want to keep it running for as long as possible. From keeping your ATV fuel pump in good shape to cleaning the filters, here are some ways to keep it running well for years

  1. Break in your new ATV. It can take some time to get your ATV running the way you want it to. This is the reason that it will come with instructions for breaking the vehicle in. Following these instructions can make a big difference in how your ATV runs.
  2. Pay attention to your oil. Just like checking the oil in your car or truck, the oil in your ATV needs to be checked and changed on a regular basis. You need fuel to get moving but you need oil to keep the engine running well. It is much easier to check the oil on an ATV than in a car or truck. It is important to check the manual because the engine in an ATV needs the exact right oil. The oil used in ATVs needs to be checked more often than the oil in other vehicles. Keeping your oil clean and fresh is as important as checking the ATV pump.
  3. Wash your ATV. We have all seen the cars and trucks with “please wash me” written in the grime on the vehicle. It is also true that many people drive their ATVs through all sorts of conditions. These will leave the ATV very dirty. The mud and filth that get onto an ATV can cause a lot of problems in the long-run when it leads to problems with rust. Make it a point to keep your ATV clean, this will protect the paint job and the vehicle itself. The dirt is bad for air filters and other parts of the vehicle.
  4. Pay attention to the air filters. To operate correctly, the engine needs air, a spark, and fuel. If the air filter is neglected, the inside of your ATV will be clogged and no air will make it to the engine and your ATV will not run. If you keep your ATV air filters clean and dry, they will work better and so will your vehicle. After each long ride, the air filter should be checked. It also needs to be checked after a long period of storage. Pests may find your air filters to be great for nesting or eating so that is another reason to check the air filters.
  5. Use treated gas. It is important to use the right kind of fuel in your ATV. Over time, gas can break down. When that happens ATV fuel pumps and other parts of the fuel system can become clogged up. When this happens the entire system can fail, leaving you will some expensive repair bills. You can save your ATV fuel pump and the ATV fuel filters by using the right stabilizer in your gas. It probably goes without saying but ATV fuel pump replacements are very pricey.
  6. Pay attention to your tire pressure. Think about what happens when your car or truck’s tires are not filled to the right pressure. The ride may be less comfortable, you put more wear and tear on the tires, and your fuel efficiency is reduced. All of the problems you encounter with your car or truck are amplified on an ATV. Moreover, because ATV tires need less pressure when that starts to be reduced, the chances you will have a serious problem such as a popped tire go up. What really happens here is the tire pops out of the rim, which can cause accidents and will leave you with a lot of work to do on your ATV.

If you want to keep your ATV running well for a long time, without needing expensive repairs along the way, the best thing you can do is pay attention to it. Properly cleaning and maintaining the vehicle will help it run healthily and happily. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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