Your Car Was Likely Designed With Clay

Clay is actually the proffered design material of many car companies and their designers. It is very likely that the car you are driving today was designed from a block of clay at one point. You are likely wondering why clay of all materials is used to design a car. In this video, you will learn why clay is the number one choice.

It is expensive to make changes to cars. Just think about your last visit to the body repair garage. Likewise, car companies want to avoid unnecessary costs.

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The benefit of using clay is that it is quick and easy to change. A designer can simply add a piece of clay or cut away from an existing piece. Underneath of the clay body is the steel structure and wheels. However, the vast majority is clay. The other benefit of clay is that it can be used in a wind tunnel and changes can be made on the fly. This is something that simply can not be done easily with a virtual model. Additionally, a physical clay model can be used to see how lighting conditions affect the surfaces of the vehicle.


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