Whats the Difference Between RV Warranty and Insurance Repairs?

This video discusses the difference between an RV warranty and an insurance issue. Many people get warranties and insurance confused and are sometimes disgruntled if they can’t get their situations handled. A warranty is an agreement between the manufacturer and the person who purchased the RV.

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The warranty covers manufacturer defects or issues with the vehicle’s mechanics. The customer can usually go to a third party to get repairs if something happens to the RV and it doesn’t work properly during its warranty period. For example, the engine or transmission may be covered under the warranty for a certain period. Clients do not usually have to pay extra money for warranty coverage. It’s an automatic benefit from the manufacturer that comes with every vehicle. However, some dealerships may offer service contracts to their customers to offer them additional benefits.

An insurance policy is a completely different product altogether. Insurance usually covers damage that comes from accidents and situations such as theft and vandalism. User-generated damages usually fall under insurance policies as well, but they are not covered under manufacturer warranties. Anything that is not specifically covered under a warranty or insurance policy must be taken care of by the RV owner out of his or her pocket.

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