What to Know About Heat Exchangers

Do you know the basics about industrial heat exchanger types, and how they work? This video shows the viewer the most common industrial heat exchanger types and how they work. Anyone that works in an industrial setting that uses a heat exchanger should watch this video.

This valuable information can help the viewer to understand how this equipment works and to ultimately identify when there is a problem with the operation of the heat exchanger. Understanding the basics of this equipment is essential to proper maintenance and care and to recognize when a professional service company needs to be called.

Video Source

The more you know about your facility and how things work within the facility the better off you will be at taking care of the facility. This is a fascinating video that anyone that interested in engineering will enjoy watching. This short video is chockful of information including schematics of the exchangers to help educate the viewer. Watch this video to learn about heat exchanger types most often used in industrial settings.


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