What do Automotive Engineers Get Paid?

The video talks about automotive engineers and how much they make. The information is from the video speaker’s personal experience and information collected from various sources in the automotive industry.

The first thing the individual discusses is having a passion for engineering. The individual says that a person must have a true passion for engineering and not just want to be an automotive engineer for the money.

Video Source

The individual will likely get burned out and quit the job quickly if the interest-only has to do with the monetary end of it. There’s a lot to it and a heap of learning that engineers have to go through along the way.

A transmission design engineer collects data on all the transmissions a manufacturer makes and then gives that information to other engineers for revisions. That type of engineer can make up to $72,000 a year. A website called Glassdoor is an excellent place to get an idea of how much a certain job title pays. The site gives a low to high estimate so that a prospective job seeker knows and understands that he or she may not get the highest offer for a new position, especially at the entry-level.

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