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Want To Show Off Your Car? A Few Items You Should Purchase For Your Car

Many Americans use automobiles as their main source of transportation. In fact, some Americans spend about 87 minutes in their cars every day. Whether you’re driving your car to travel to work, to arrive at a vacation destination, or to visit family members and friends, cars are an important aspect to individuals’ lives. Simply put, they take us places. However, there’s something car owners do not consider when driving their cars. Is the inside of your car clean? Surprisingly, the inside of automobiles are dirtier than the inside of your house! In fact, the inside of automobiles have 17,000 times more bacteria than the inside of your home. Additionally, the trunk of your automobile has 850 different types of bacteria in it. What can you, as a car owner do to help your car? What can you do if you want to show off your prized possession to others? Purchase new flooring, custom carpets, auto mats, or vinyl trunk mats. There are so many to choose from! Here’s why you should purchase carpets and mats for your car, and a few items you should purchase.

Firstly, it is imperative that you replace your car mats and carpets. When you step into your car, bacteria transfers from the bottom of your shoes to the mats and carpets of your car. There are three types of bacteria that settle not only on the surface of your car carpet, but inside your car carpet. One type of bacteria that settles inside your car carpets is mold. Mold poses various health risks. One common health problem mold causes is allergies. Mold in your car carpets can cause sneezing, coughing, and inflammation of your throat. Another type of bacteria that can hide inside car carpets is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria causes inflamed bumps on the skin, and fever. It is also resistant to antibiotics. So, in order to prevent these health problems, car owners should purchase a replacement carpet. Additionally, car owners should definitely replace their car carpets if the carpets are 10 years or older.

Trunks of cars also carry bacteria. In fact, they can be a breeding ground for many different kinds of bacteria. Many car owners store various items in the trunks of their car, from dirty sneakers to trash from fast food restaurants. This storage container breeds bacteria. Therefore, it’s essential that you replace your car mats or carpet for the trunk of your car.

One type of carpet some car owners like are custom car carpets. Car owners enjoy custom car carpets because they get to customize their carpets (look, color, etc.). This can make the inside of the car look unique. Another item car owners like purchasing is a vinyl trunk mat. A vinyl trunk mat is ideal for any car’s trunk. Essentially, vinyl is nonporous. Therefore, any liquid, dirt, etc. will sit on the top of the material. It will not lurk deep inside any material; so bacteria cannot breed and grow. It is also easy to clean. This is ideal for trunks of cars where many individuals place groceries and other items. Head out to manufacturers of automotive replacement carpets, carpets, and mats!

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