Understanding the Importance of Wheel Alignments

Imagine your car is like a pair of shoes; they must be comfy and work. Well, just like how wonky kicks can mess up your walk, misaligned wheels can throw the whole car out of sync. You wouldn’t want them all wonky, would you? That’s what wheel alignment is for. Each carmaker has a recipe for how the wheels should sit, like the perfect tilt for those walking shoes.

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The alignment thing affects how your car corners, steers, and even how long your tires last. This video dives into the magic of wheel alignment, explaining why it’s more than just making your tires look pretty. There are three angles involved. Your toe: That’s where your wheels point. Everything is fine if both point straight ahead (zero toe). But if they’re pointing to the inside (toe-in) or outside (toe-out), your car needs to be looked at.

It may veer to one side if you don’t do anything about it. You may also rub the tires the wrong way. Then there’s the camber. Think of it as the tilt of your shoe’s sole. When you’re turning, tilting the outer wheel inwards (negative camber) is what keeps you on the road. The caster has everything to do with the steering wheel. Picture the axis it sits on as a fork. Tilting it forward makes the wheel feel lighter, but be careful not to tilt too much. Your car might wander where you don’t want it to.


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