Top Tips for Brake Repair

If your brakes just gave out, watch this video to learn the top tips for repairing your brakes. Most people don’t know that brake repair is possible to do themselves, but with these tips, you can get your car back on the road.

The first tip is to work with your car and not against it. Turn the steering wheel to give you easier access when removing the caliper bolts.

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It is wise to grease the guide pins. Clean it with a towel and use silicon paste to ensure they slide freely.

The third tip is to get the caliper off. Don’t let it dangle by the brake line; avoid putting pressure on the line system. It is best practice to clean the brake rotor before installing it. Remove rust and other unwanted coatings by spraying the surface and wiping with a towel.

Tip five is to use a brush to clean the hub before putting the brake rotor back. A wire brush gets the best results. It is also recommended to push the rotor flat against the face of the hub and screw the lug nut down so that the rotor does not move when you bolt back the caliper. The seventh tip is to compress the piston and clean the rubber boot. .

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