The Steps Auto Collision Centers Follow to Fix Your Car

Car collisions are scary for everyone involved, so if you’re in a collision, please take the time to check that your loved ones and all parties are safe. After this is done, you can grieve for your car or any damages done, and begin the process to fix everything up.

The auto body repair process is not so simple, however, and often takes a lot of work and effort to fully repair a vehicle. The speaker in the video discusses how auto collision centers take apart the car, inspect for viable parts, and meticulously repair everything back to a like-new state.

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First, experts will align the wheels and ensure the car is even capable of driving straight. It’s a great litmus test to determine if repairs are even possible. Next, they start to take apart the whole car and search for undamaged parts that can be reused, taking stock of fully broken parts. Salvaged parts will be stored elsewhere, and replacement parts will be ordered.

Next, the heavy work begins. The metal is tapped back into shape, with great force at first, then with smaller movements later. All new and undamaged parts are then put back on the vehicle.

Finally, any bodywork is finished with a new coat of paint and a clear coat to seal the vehicle. It should appear and drive like new all over again, and auto collision centers will then deliver the vehicle to the owner.

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