The Car Window Tinting Process

Are you considering tinting your vehicle’s windows? There are many reasons to consider tinted windows including privacy, UV protection, style, and even safety. In this video, you will learn how vehicle windows are tinted. There are also window tinting services if you want a professional to install the tint for you.

Elliot Baker is a professional at tinting vehicle windows. First, he sprays the window with soapy water.

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Then, he places the tint material over top of the window so that he can cut the tint to the correct size. Note that you leave a little extra tint at the bottom to be tucked under the window. He then removes the excess tint film and use a air dryer and squeegee to shrink the film down to the correct size. After that, he cuts off any loose edges. Before placing the film on the interior of the window, he makes sure to clean it thoroughly. The next step is to place the film on the window starting at the bottom and working to the top. It should all fall into place, but may require moving it around slightly until it is in the right position. The back window is larger, but the installation is the same as the other windows. It will require more film and more shrinking.


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