Step by Step Guide to DIY Convertible Top Repair

Is your convertible top coming apart from the window? See how the DIY salvage guy handles convertible top repairs. For tools, you’ll want to make sure you have rhino glue, suction clamps for the window, latex gloves, and isopropyl alcohol.

The first step is to clean. You’ll want to make sure to use gloves to keep your hands free of any rhino glue residue.

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Step two is to add the glue. Rhino glue is not the best substance for all projects, but it works especially well on vinyl and has great reviews on Amazon. Apply the glue between the mirror edges and the underside of the vinyl material.

Step three is to apply the clamps between the window and the vinyl material. The clamps will suction to the window and lift it while pushing down on the vinyl. After placing the clamp on the window, push down on it and secure it. Apply 6 of these on one side and let them sit overnight. After removing them the next day and inspecting, do 6 more on the other side.

Your top should now be securely attached with nothing more than a few basic tools. Click the links in the video description to purchase the items you’ll need if you don’t already have them.


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