How to Repair a Windshield

In this video, you will learn about ways to replace windshields. There a lot of different windshield repair products on the market. There is a glass resin that will be injected into the chip.

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Before you go out and spend money on one of these tips, make sure your chip is fixable. There has to be a hole where the resin can pass through. Most chips that are fixable are small enough to repair. If your chip is smaller than a quarter, you can most likely repair it. If you have any chips or cracks that are on the end of the windshield. If you roll your car, the windshield helps to support the roof. This is a good idea to replace the windshield. There are three different types of glass. Regular glass will not be found in cars. When it breaks, it breaks into huge and sharp shards. Tempered glass is what your side windows are made of. It is very strong. It still can’t be used for a windshield because anytime a rock kicks up, it could shatter into 1000 pieces. That’s why they make windshields out of laminated glass. A hammer can barely break the glass.

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