How to Perform an Oil Change

Performing an oil change is a fundamental aspect of routine vehicle maintenance. It contributes to the longevity and efficiency of your car’s engine. You must master how to change the oil on your car if you hope to extend the life of your vehicle and ensure proper engine function.

Video Source

The YouTube video is a good reference point for the steps to follow.

Prepare the Vehicle

Collect the necessary materials for the job. This includes an oil filter, an oil pan, the correct amount and type of oil, a wrench, and a funnel. Ensure the car is parked on a flat surface and that your car’s engine is cool. Lift the car with a jack and keep it steady with the jack stands. After finding the oil drain plug, place the drain pan for the oil below it. Then, drain the oil.

Replacing the Filter

Use the wrench to remove the oil filter before applying some oil to the rubber gasket before inserting the new filter. Next, position your funnel over the old fill cap and pour the recommended amount. Start your car and allow it to run for a minute before checking the oil level with the dipstick. Ensure you dispose of the old oil properly.

This is a valuable skill to have. It contributes to the overall health of your car. Always read the vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines.


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