How to Operate a Snowplow

Every winter brings a substantial amount of snow. Without reliable snow plowing services, society would be halted as transportation would be significantly hindered. Especially in places like Canada and northern parts of the United States, transportation departments enlist heavy-duty snowplows. In this video, you will learn how to operate a snowplow on a pickup truck.

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It is important to practice before you are expected to clear snow. You don’t want to “learn as you go” in the middle of a snowstorm. Towards the console, you will see a remote control for the snowplow. There are buttons that dictate the direction of the plow. There will be certain situations where you may need to have your plow at an angle to direct snow to the side of the road. In a driveway, however, you will have to push all of the snow forward, then lift the plow over top of it, then lower the plow and reverse back to clear it the right way.

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