How to Make Adorable Large Hair Scrunchies to Sell

Fabric hair scrunchies are adorable accessories with lots of ruffles. While their popularity originally peaked in the 1990s, they have recently come back into fashion. Many small business owners are making use of this resurgence by making their own high-fashion scrunchies.

Scrunchies are easy to make on a home sewing machine.

Video Source

According to the video, all you need is a measuring tape, scissors, a marking pen, pins, fabric, matching thread, elastic cord, and a sewing machine.

The size of the fabric square you use to start your scrunchie will determine its final dimensions, so follow the video exactly if you want to make a large, high-fashion scrunchie. The tutorial will still work for smaller scrunchies, though.

The video recommends that small business owners include their own custom fabric tag in the middle seem of the scrunchie. This allows them to advertise their products on their clients’ heads and makes the final product look more professional.

Scrunchies are so easy to make because the design takes a rectangular piece of fabric and turns it into a ruffled, circular hair accessory. You won’t have to worry about sewing around curves or struggling with a detailed pattern to get the result you want.

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