How to Know When Your Transmission Is Going

Early identification of transmission problems can save you hundreds of dollars and prevent new damage to your car. What are the unmistakable indicators that you need an auto transmission repair? Find out by watching this video.

One of the most noticeable transmission issues is a leak.

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You may need auto transmission repair if you look under your vehicle and find a crimson fluid with a unique aroma.

You require auto transmission repair if your car strains or will not shift into gear. If you smell something burning coming from within your vehicle, you should get it checked out at the nearest auto shop as soon as possible. This smell could mean your transmission is overheated or the fluid is scorched and old.

Strange sounds from your car when it is in neutral indicate that the transmission could be having problems. If your vehicle has a dragging clutch and pressing the clutch pedal does not cause the clutch disk to release from the flywheel, you might need auto transmission repair.

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