How the Experts Load and Unload a Car When Towing

When running a tow truck service, one needs professionalism and a high degree of care. Without these, the service provider may damage their clients’ vehicles. The towing company will have to pay their customers for the damage and will not be in business for long.

Video Source

The video shows how to load and unload a car onto a towing truck without damaging it.

First, prepare the flatbed to receive the vehicle. Tilt the flatbed and ensure that its edges touch the ground. Check the car you are loading for hooks under the front. Insert the holder on the end of your flatbed chain into the pegs on the vehicle to pull it up and provide stability. Adjust the length of the chains of the flatbed for an easy and stable pull on the car. To lift it onto the tow truck, confirm that the cable winds correctly put the car in neutral gear, and push the button that pulls it up. Tie it down once it gets to the end of the flatbed. Also, ensure it is tied off correctly for the journey.

When offloading the tow truck, start by untying the car. Then, tilt the flatbed until it touches the ground. Turn the car on and put it in neutral gear. Turn the knob to unwind the chain that reverses the car and gets it off the towing truck.

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