How Does Truck Repair Differ From Regular Automotive Repair?

Any motor vehicle needs the same level of basic repair and maintenance to keep the engine running and ensure it’s in a perfect working state to maintain safe driving conditions. Here are a few noticeable differences between truck repair and automotive repairs.
Frequency and the type of oil used differ in fluid maintenance between a car and a truck.

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A truck will need fluid checks and changes more frequently than a car because it is bigger and drives on rougher terrains; a car only needs them every three to six months. Trucks are typically operated at higher speeds for work and labor-related purposes, so their fluid heats up and burns more quickly than that of cars. As a result, they require heavy-duty motor oils.
By trapping grease, dirt, debris, and other contaminants, oil filters and air filters protect the engine and should be changed approximately every 10,000 miles if you drive a car. These filters require frequent replacement for trucks because they accumulate more dirt, grease, and debris. It is crucial for trucks that frequently travel through rough terrain and off-road. Trucks must also have their tires properly inflated because they are bigger, heavier, and frequently carry cargo.

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