How Does a Drive Shaft Work?

Are you wondering what a drive shaft is? Watch this video to learn more.

The driveshaft is a spinning tube that transmits power from the engine to the back of the vehicle at the differential. It does this by transmitting the spinning power from front to back.

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The deliverance of torque from the transmission to the differential then transmits torque to the wheels so the vehicle can move.

Without the torque transfer between the separate components, you cannot drive. The driveshaft absorbs movements and allows two separate parts to move without breaking drive train components in the process.

Drive shaft designs come in two types: torque tube and Hotchkiss. Torque tube drive shafts were used on older vehicles and are still used on some trucks and SUVs today. The driveshaft itself is enclosed in a tube. Torque tubes connect the transmission and differential via a single universal joint, or U-joint for short.

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