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Got Scratches? Give Your Car Some Polish With A Convenient Do-It-Yourself Touch Up Paint Kit

The holidays are here. So is a lot of bad weather and troublesome driving encounters.

Your car has a tendency to take on a lot of damage around this time. Whether it’s a splatter of mud coating your car door or an unsightly dent in your fender, this is one rough year for car owners. When it comes to scratches, taking power back into your own two hands is as simple as looking up car touch up paint. Able to come in a variety of colors and brand-specific mixtures, this is one habit you’ll be glad you picked up. Learning how to apply your Dodge paint kit takes a steady hand and some common sense.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure your Volkswagen touch up paint project is a successful one.

Choose The Right Color For Your Vehicle

The first step is usually the hardest. Not so when it comes to the paint touch up kit. The color of your vehicle can easily be picked out online when you browse. According to studies by color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart, white has been the most popular car color in North America for years. The auto industry refers to white, black, silver, and gray as neutral, while the rest can be found on a color wheel (yes, including the more eclectic hues).

Make Sure You’re Buying Brand-Specific Paint

Once you find the matching color you need to ensure you’re buying brand-specific paint. Every car manufacturer has a slightly different way of doing things, which can spell disaster when applying paint that should seamlessly blend in with the rest. Today’s auto body industry is valued at $40 billion, expected to grow higher as do-it-yourself projects become more popular. Volkswagen touch up paint, Chevy touch up paint, and BMW touch up paint are just a few of the brands you can find online. You can even turn it into a specific and much-needed Christmas gift for a friend.

Clean The Surrounding Area First

Before you apply your Mercedes touch up paint (of the right color, of course), you need to wipe off the surrounding area. Debris, such as dirt and dust, can stick to damaged paint and leave an undesirable bumpiness that’ll sour your final result. You’ll be glad you took the time to be a little more careful. Deep paint scratch repair can cost between $300 and $3,000, depending on the extent of damage. Think about how much you’ll be saving with a mixture of resourcefulness and a careful hand.

Apply An Even Coat Of Primer

Once you’re finished wiping down the area, your next step is to apply a coat of primer. Just like prepping a canvas for an oil painting or applying primer beneath foundation, this is done to make the final result all the more smooth. While some choose to skip this step for very shallow scratches, it’s recommended you use your discretion so you don’t wind up going to the repair shop. Car paint scratches are classified under levels 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4. Level 1A is shallow and small, while level 4 is the other extreme.

Use Several Thin Layers To Create A Smooth Result

Make sure your primer is completely dry before your last step. You might be tempted to apply one big, thick layer to get the job over with, but this can easily backfire. Several thin coats not only gives you more control over the application of your Volkswagen touch up paint, it also looks much better. This is especially true for deeper scratches, which need to be gently and gradually filled in. Remember to let each layer dry before adding another, as being impatient can stick your bristles and leave smudges.

Enjoy the holidays properly. Keep some Volkswagen touch up paint on hand for those frustrating accidents.

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