Do You Know How to Safely Tow a Car

This video gives some advice for safely towing a car. At some point or another, a person may need to know how to tow a car if a breakdown happens that a simple solution can not resolve. That individual will need to know the basics of towing, and that’s the information the video provides.

The speaker in the video discusses the three items a person will need to tow a vehicle: a vehicle strong enough to handle the weight of the stranded vehicle, the stranded vehicle, and a means to connect them both. An individual can use a chain, rope, or a solid steel bar to connect two vehicles for towing.

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The connector items should be no more than 2.2 meters in length or shorter than 1.2 meters. As long as those requirements are met, the towing job should work out just fine.
The first step is to attach the tow strap to the vehicle that needs to be towed. The way to do that is by looking for a large metal loop on the chassis. The connector can be attached to that to put the vehicles in the right position for 24 hour tower work to be done. From that point, the process gets easier.

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